Slip the Jab Boxing Awards 2013: Knockout of the Year – The Contenders

KO of year awards 2013

There are many ways to win a bout in boxing but the knockout has always been the most visceral. It’s been the one that captures the world’s attention and the one that can catapult a boxer to a wider audience. There’s something definitive about a knockout win tha a decision, however comprehensive, often struggles to emulate. And a knockout speaks to the base part of us that enjoys boxing, the primal instinct that fires our blood when we watch two boxers compete. Knockouts have provided some of boxings iconic images and calls, from Ali stopping Foreman to Foreman stopping Moorer to Mercer stopping Morrison to Martinez dropping Williams to Marquez stopping Pacquiao to… well… Tyson. A knockout can come to define a boxer’s career… for good or ill… and today we look at the best knockouts of 2013.

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Slip the Jab Boxing Awards 2013: Waste of a Year – The Contenders

waste of a year 2013

I’ve already looked at those who gained the most this year and those who lost the most. But how about those who basically stood still? As a general rule in boxing you’re either rising to the surface or sinking towards the bottom but for some boxers it appears they spent 2013 treading water. Despite the somewhat pejorative title, this isn’t a list of those who had a bad year… some of these names have had a pretty good year all-told. It’s a list of people we expected more from and for whatever reason… be it in their control or not… it simply hasn’t happened that way.

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The Men who would be King… who will be the next to challenge Wladimir?

With Wladimir Klitschko’s domination of Alexander Povetkin now in the books, thoughts now turn to who will now challenge the Ukrainian giant. In my mind Wladimir has taken the mantle from his older brother of being the best heavyweight in the world but there are still a number of contenders who think they can be the man to upset the odds. Below we look at several of boxers looking to face Wladimir next.


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Haye vs Fury rescheduled date confirmed and analysis

The postponed Tyson Fury vs David Haye bout has now been confirmed to take place on Februray 8th.

Ignore the date...

Ignore the date…

Tyson Fury, never backwards about coming forwards (either in the ring or on social media) confirmed some details on twitter.

Lawyers just confirmed Haye contract agreed & signed. No excuses for this Tosser to pull out again.

I guess Fury would be very understanding if Haye had to postpone the bout again…

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