Slip the Jab Boxing Awards 2013: Fight of the Year – The Contenders

fight of the year 2013

Who doesn’t love a good fight? A great bout can announce the arrival of a new star, turn a star into a legend or simply entertain a thrilled audience. And let’s be clear here… 2013 was a great year for fights. The hardest part of compiling this list was thinking about what to leave out rather than looking for bouts to put in and there are number of contests that likely deserve at least an honorable mention only to find themselves excluded because I didn’t want to list dozens of contests.

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He does it again; Bernard Hopkins beats Tavouris Cloud

So he did it again.

And I was wrong.

In my preview/prediction for the bout I thought Hopkins would make it tricky and awkward for Cloud but Cloud would be active and aggressive enough to carry himself through with the additional aspect that if Cloud did land a shot he had a real possibility of earning a stoppage.

I was right about the first part and very wrong about the second.

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