Frampton vs Parodi: Results and Analysis

Carl Frampton continued his march towards a world title bout with a one-sided victory over Jeremy Parodi.


Frampton was aggresssive throughout, boxing behind his jab and pushing Parodi back, mixing in effective hooks to the body and straights to the head. Parodi tried to box and move but lacked either the power to deter Frampton or the skill to avoid him. In the fourth a big left followed by a series of rights cut the Frenchman, towards the end of the fifth a number of painful looking uppercuts landed cleanly and then in the sixth a huge hook to the body dropped Parodi for the count.

In some ways this bout rather snuck under the radar (for example, I didn’t do a preview for it) but I submit there was a reason for this. Parodi had a very pretty record at 35-1-1 and it is certainly impressive for a 26 year old to have had 37 bouts but in reality this was a stay-busy bout for Frampton. While his level of competition had improved in the buildup to the Frampton bout there was a real lack of quality or depth there and from watching his bouts Parodi appeared to be a useful boxer… but little more. His jab and move style will be enough to frustrate lower level opponents but he lacks the physical attributes or high level of technical skill to take him beyond being a European contender. Put simply Frampton is on a different level to that… this bout was a step down from his last two opponents… former IBF title holder Steve Molitor and current IBF title holder Kiko Martinez.

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