Slip the Jab Boxing Awards 2013: Knockout of the Year – The Contenders

KO of year awards 2013

There are many ways to win a bout in boxing but the knockout has always been the most visceral. It’s been the one that captures the world’s attention and the one that can catapult a boxer to a wider audience. There’s something definitive about a knockout win tha a decision, however comprehensive, often struggles to emulate. And a knockout speaks to the base part of us that enjoys boxing, the primal instinct that fires our blood when we watch two boxers compete. Knockouts have provided some of boxings iconic images and calls, from Ali stopping Foreman to Foreman stopping Moorer to Mercer stopping Morrison to Martinez dropping Williams to Marquez stopping Pacquiao to… well… Tyson. A knockout can come to define a boxer’s career… for good or ill… and today we look at the best knockouts of 2013.

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Yet more Botha/Sonny Bill Williams tomfoolery…

Even I thought that the “bribe” story would be the end of this… but no, there’s more.

It looks like the tale Botha told about being offered a bribe to lose his controversial bout with Sonny Bill Williams may actually have some legs to it. Newspaper reports are saying that the referee for the bout, Tony Kettlewell, was informed by Philip Holiday (one of Botha’s team and a former 135lbs world champion himself) prior to the fight about the alleged bribe and that Botha had turned it down.

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More Botha/Sonny Bill Williams news and further boxing buffoonery…

If the you thought the farcical stories surrounding the Sonny Bill Williams/Frans Botha bout detailed in a previous post were done then then I’m afraid to say you were wrong. Botha, as bellicose and unrepentant as ever, is now saying that he was offered $150,000 to throw the bout.

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A White Buffalo, an All-Black and the mysterious case of the missing six minutes


It seemed like one of those mad questions that only arises after a few many drinks or one too many comments on the internet.

Who would win in a fight, controversial yet talented dual code rugby superstar Sonny Bill Williams or erstwhile world title challenger Frans “The White Buffalo” Botha?

And yet here I was, watching the pair stand in opposite corners of the ring, eyeballing each other and preparing to touch gloves.

I hadn’t eaten too much cheese, I hadn’t been given a suspicious brownie, this was really happening.

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