Boxing views and opinions.

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  1. Absolutely delighted you have begun a blog. Instead of checking every Guardian article to read your posts, I will come here instead.

    As a long time boxing fan most news reports leave me dissatisfied; they simply recount the bout, or express oversimplified opinions. So it is a real pleasure to read the work of one who not only understands the sport so well, but is also able to so eloquently express his thoughts. I’ll be a regular reader.

  2. I’d like to echo the comments above – I’ve made a concerted effort in the last 2 years or so to get ‘back into’ boxing after years of it being on the periphery of my attention – and I’m really enjoying doing so. I’m a regular reader and searcher of good boxing news and articles, and you come up time and again on the Guardian comments section – always highly knowledgeable and thoughtful. I’ll be following you here from now on!

    Quick question – who in your opinion are the most promising British boxing hopefuls to look out for and follow at the moment? Anthony Joshua? Kid Galahad? Eubank Jr?

    PS – I’ll be watching Froch / Groves tomorrow… hoping for a classic but have a feeling it could be a cagey affair until late on…

  3. I agree with all of the above, day after a fight i’d always check the comments section of the Guardian to read your thoughts, great in-depth boxing knowledge, always well written and enthusiastic. Great stuff

  4. Excellent blog, Consortium. Great to read someone who can really convey their obvious love of the ‘noble art’ in such an eloquently way. Keep up the good work!

    • Don’t know where that ‘ly’ came from! Sorry, obviously meant ‘eloquent’. Probably tied my bootlaces together today as well!

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