Mundine vs Mosely: Results and Analysis

In a match that no-one really wanted and was mired in controversy anyway (and that’s to say nothing of the cancelled undercard bouts), Anthony Mundine was the first man to stop the legendary Shane Mosley following an injury after a one-sided bout.

mundine mosely

We all know that Mosely has little left and it was apparent from the opening bell. There was one good punch in the second round and a few nasty looking bodyshots but they were few and far between. Mundine controlled the bout on both the inside and the outside, spiking Mosely with a sharp jab and a straight right and then sneaking in shots on the inside including some tasty uppercuts. Mundine comfortably won every round and at times actually seemed to wobble the notoriously iron chinned Mosely. Mention was made in Mosely’s corner of an injured back and eventually the referee called in the doctor and stopped the bout due to back spasms. It was an underwhelming ending to the bout but in truth Mosely had shown nothing and it was better to get him out of there then let him take another 100 punches to the had.

There have been questions about where Mundine was with his career and this result at least prolongs it. He looked good in there, sharp and quick, but it has to be kept in mind that he was not only taking on a boxer who was far from his best but also one who was significantly smaller than him. The commentators optimisticly talked about possible matches with Mayweather or Canelo but I think that’s pretty laughable… despite the commentators best efforts an old Mosely retiring due to the injury isn’t exactly impressively knocking him out, whatever they say. Far more likely he remains in Australia as a regional attraction.

As for Mosely, there’s little left there. If he matches up with 147lbs boxers who stand in front of him and fight then he can probably pick up a win or two but against boxers with more size and/or more nous he’s little more than a name to add to someone’s record. Even if he can win a few pretty meaningless bouts it has to be asked if it’s worth it; despite Mosely’s financial issues caused by his divorce he’s not going to get paid a vast amount for such contests and the price to his health of taking yet more shots has to be considered. It may not be the way he wants to go out but I would have no issue with him retiring.

The undercard was pretty poor with almost every bout being a prospect against a journeyman who was there to lose. Controversial rugby league star Blake Ferguson made his pro-debut and looked awful, losing to a fellow rookie and there was an entertaining brawl between Renold Quinlan and Joseph Kwadjo but nothing to write home about and nothing that I’ll likely recall in a few weeks.


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