Derry Matthews signs with Queensbury Promotions

I mentioned in a previous post that the likely next match for Kevin Mitchell was likely to be “Dirty” Derry Mathews but it appears that that bout is dead in the water.


The Mersey hardman, coming off a good Commonwealth title defence against Curtis Woodhouse, has just announced that he’s signed with Queensberry Promotions, (credit one of Frank Warren’s stable of groups, which would make a bout with the Matchroom promoted Mitchell incredibly unlikely due to the cold war between the two.

Liverpool lightweight Derry Mathews has today announced a promotional switch moving from Coldwell Boxing to Queensberry Promotions

There’s an interesting interview with Mathews at the above link which is well worth a read.

Reading the interview it appears that Derry Mathews is a frustrated at the lack of exposure he’s been getting. His previous position with the relatively small Coldwell Boxing gave him the flexibility to work with any of the other promoters in the UK but as he was outside those major promoters own stables he would only ever be brought in as an opponent, which limited his opportunities. There’s a clear frustration evident in the interview that he’s seen boxers he’d beaten or drawn with go on to get major bouts and that even if he had beaten Mitchell in their possible bout there were no concrete plans in place for him to move towards world title contention. Frankly, I can’t blame him. Mathews has been one of the best servants of British boxing over recent years both getting good results and also putting on exciting bouts. He is the sort of boxer who deserves a chance to move beyond an opponent who shows up on cards every so often and it appears Warren has a plan to make that the case.

Signing with Warren means that Mathews finds himself cut off from the Matchroom stable of boxers and Sky but in return he’s likely to regularly feature on BoxNation. From the interview it appears his immediate career has already been planned out with the end result being a world title bid. While as a fan of boxing I’m disappointed that the Mitchell/Mathews bout won’t happen as a fan of Mathews I’m happy to see him having a real chance to shine. Less importantly but still worthy of note, it’s a good signing for Warren and yet another indication that despite some negative news reports you should write him off at your peril. He can still sign good boxers (in this case seemingly under the nose of Matchroom) and he can still give them good bouts.


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