Haye vs Fury rescheduled date confirmed and analysis

The postponed Tyson Fury vs David Haye bout has now been confirmed to take place on Februray 8th.

Ignore the date...

Ignore the date…

Tyson Fury, never backwards about coming forwards (either in the ring or on social media) confirmed some details on twitter.

Lawyers just confirmed Haye contract agreed & signed. No excuses for this Tosser to pull out again.

I guess Fury would be very understanding if Haye had to postpone the bout again…

I’ve long been a defender of Tyson Fury. The heavyweight hopeful seems to attract a vast amount of criticism, mainly on account of him sometimes looking a bit ungainly in the ring and the fact he’s fairly cocky (and often bordering on arrogant). I can understand that but it also misses the fact that Fury is still only 25 years old, 21-0, has tested himself throughout his career and has risen to the challenge each time. He tends to show improvements between each bout and has since his début turned from a pretty one-dimensional brawler who simply looked to get inside to a more well-rounded boxer/puncher with a competent jab and a decent straight right from the outside. He puts on entertaining bouts… and he wins them

But I think this is a horror matchup for him.

Let’s look at this as simplistically as possible.

What punch does Fury get hit… and hit cleanly… with more than any other?

The overhand right.

And who throws the best overhand right in at least heavyweight boxing, if not all of boxing, today?

David Haye.

A large part of Haye’s style is built around setting up that overhand right. Coined “ambush fighting” by some, he uses his speed and reflexes to bring opponents forward and open themselves up before springing forward himself with the shot. He may not be busy but with that shot at least he’s fairly accurate and he times it near perfectly.

Can Fury outwork Haye? Yes. Haye’s style has never been particularly busy and Fury is an active boxer who outside of the first McDermott bout has never shown real stamina issues.

Can Fury maul Haye on the inside? Yes. Haye has never been a great inside fighter and Fury uses his size well in addition to being a good body puncher.

But to do those things Fury has to step into range.

Fury fires himself up for his big bouts and while this makes him exciting it also leaves him vulnerable, often throwing his improving technique out the window in favour of simply brawling. His first three bouts on Channel 5 were characterised by this; fun, exciting bouts but bouts where Fury got clobbered with just about every overhand right his opponents threw. And Chisora, Firtha and Pajkic are no Haye when it comes to throwing that right hand. He settled down in bouts with Rogan, Maddelone and Johnson… but then it all went out the window again when he made his high profile US debut against Cunningham. And a Haye bout would be high profile. And if Haye can do anything, it’s infuriate and annoy people… especially considering the delay. An angry Tyson Fury is the sort of hyped up Tyson Fury that wades forward and gets dropped by Cunningham and Pajkic… neither of whom are exactly regarded as heavy punchers.

Worrying signs...

Worrying signs…

The simple problem is Fury’s chin. Not how good his chin is… it’s pretty solid. It’s where it is. Perhaps it’s a remnant of Fury’s early career where he struggled to find sparring partners and to a large extent self-trained, but it appears Fury has to think to tuck his chin. When instinct takes over his chin rises up and his head movement basically disappears, leaving his jaw on centreline for an opponent to target. None of this is helped by his tendency to leave his left hand hanging low or the way he likes to clinch with opponents in a style reminiscent of the Klitschko’s but lacks their timing or ability to tie opposition up quickly.

He got around this issue against Rogan by boxing the bout as a southpaw and, truth be told, he was fairly effective as a lefty. And then against first Maddalone and then Johnson he kept himself calm and focused, boxing a disciplined, controlled bout. But as above, then came Cunningham and a fired up, aggressive Fury simply waded forward trying to make a statement… and got dropped hard by a guy who has never been considered a particularly powerful puncher. Fury’s always shown a lot of heart and ability to recover, so he pulled himself to his feet, ate a few more shots without blinking and then went out the hard business of breaking down Cunningham and winning the bout. But it’s a dangerous sign.

Fury’s shown in bouts that he does have what it takes to beat a boxer like Haye. If he’s disciplined with his jab on the outside, using it to pin Haye back (even if he doesn’t hit Haye cleanly), picks his moments to get inside, keeps his chin tucked, chooses his shots intelligently and reserves his outright aggression for when he has Haye trapped in a corner and too close to throw his overhand Fury can grind Haye down and hurt him.

What he hasn’t shown… or at least shown with any regularity… is the temperament to do that. Haye can happily sit on the outside and dodge punches all day without showing any real stamina issues… that’s essentially what the Wladimir bout was… and Wladimir boxed to a smart, safety first, conservative gameplan. Fury is neither as skilled as Wladimir or as likely to pick that option. With Haye mocking him relentlessly in any build up, probably a scuffle or two at the press conferences and smirking at him throughout Fury is more likely to take a damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead approach. And that involves him walking into Haye’s shots. The fact that Fury has also spent most of the build up to the bout talking about how he takes shots and still wins also doesn’t fill me with confidence. Yes, in a boxing match you’re likely to get hit, however defensively sound… but going into a match with David Haye with a mindset built around taking one to give one seems to me to be a very poor idea.

I’d love Fury to win. I don’t actively dislike Haye in the way others do but I’m tired of him. I’m tired of his antics, I’m tired of his mouth, I’m tired of how infrequent bouts are and I’m tired of how he takes the low road when he doesn’t have to. Fury is fresh, exciting and a win would create a real jolt in a heavyweight division that is currently pretty stagnant.

But I just don’t see it.

Haye by T(KO) in about six.


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