Golden Boy 140lbs Tournament: Garcia, Judah, Peterson, Matthysse, Khan Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Danny Garcia can be found here

It’s been an interesting few days for boxing, both domestically and internationally and one of the biggest news stories to come out is that Golden Boy are in the early stages of putting together a 140lbs tournament between their boxers. To quote Richard Schaefer, the Golden Boy CEO:

“My plan would be that the winner of Garcia and Judah will fight the winner of Peterson and Matthyse and then the winner of that fight will fight Amir Khan,”


It’s certainly an interesting proposition. Who wouldn’t want to see those bouts?

Let me first say that so far this is only in the preliminary stages. There is no guarantee that it comes to fruition and, even if it does, that it finishes without a hitch. Tournaments have a long and not particularly glorious history in boxing. The recent Super Six Boxing Classic was generally seen as a success, reinvigorating the 168lbs weightclass and elevating Andre Ward to near the top of the pound-for-pound rankings  but even that was littered with delays (taking over two years to complete), controversy, three of the original six withdrawing (1, 2, 3) and only two replacements being found. A four man bantemweight tournament had a simpler set up but even that suffered from one of the most controversial final bouts boxing has seen in recent years.

But let’s be positive for a moment. The fact that Golden Boy promotes all four fighters means some of the inter-promotional issues that blight other tournaments should be avoided. The Garcia/Judah bout was one that was planned in advance of the tournament (and would have happened already if not for an injury to Garcia) and I can’t see the Peterson/Matthysse bout being difficult to make. On paper this is an excellent tournament between the four best 140lbs boxers in the world (with all due respect to Brandon Rios). More then that, all four of the bouts are between exciting boxers who should put on matches that are fun to watch.

In the coming days/weeks I intend to preview both the boxers involved and the bouts itself.

One point that has caused some ire is Khan’s inclusion, specifically the way he has been presented as some sort of “final boss” as if this was a video game. After all, Khan, with his recent loss to Peterson and brutal knockout to Garcia, is arguably the least of the five. Does he really deserve his place at the head of the tournament?

I can’t say I’m too upset about it. It seems to me that the issue is with the way Schaefer described it rather than what will actually happen.

Think about it this way. If the tournament had no mention of Khan and it simply was that with the tournament over the winner’s next match would be against Khan would anyone be disappointed? Or would they think that it was a good match between the best 140lbs boxer in the world (as the winner of the four man tournament would be) against one of the better remaining boxers?

It’s also worth noting that Khan is still in the rebuilding process with his new trainer. First comes the bout with Diaz and then presumedly another bout with a fairly decent 140lbs boxer. If Khan wins those bouts then he’s in a solid position to challenge the winner. If he loses then well… it’s not a big issue in the great scheme of things… the winner of the 140lbs tournament will still be the best 140lbs boxer in the world.


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