Sam Solimon fails drug test

Reports are coming in that Sam Solimon failed a post-fight drugs test following his unexpected decision win over Felix Sturm in Germany.


A report from Eastside Boxing states:

Sam Soliman has failed his post-fight drug test after his controversial decision win against Felix Sturm in Germany last month. German newspaper sources reported today that the A sample of the 39-year old Australian was tested positive for a performance enhancing designer drug.


At some stage I fully intend to wider post on drugs in boxing (both overtly PED and recreational) but I’ll keep my comments short for the moment. Recent months have given us an unwelcome glance into how ubiquitous drugs are across the spectrum of sports. Boxing, perhaps more than any other, is one that has to be clean; it is a sport where the participants punch each other in the face.

Solimon needs to be given due process to explain his failed test and if possible argue his innocence. And if found guilty he needs to be punished to the full extent of the appropriate jurisdiction. At age 39 if found guilty this should be the end of his career..



2 thoughts on “Sam Solimon fails drug test

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