Yet more Botha/Sonny Bill Williams tomfoolery…

Even I thought that the “bribe” story would be the end of this… but no, there’s more.

It looks like the tale Botha told about being offered a bribe to lose his controversial bout with Sonny Bill Williams may actually have some legs to it. Newspaper reports are saying that the referee for the bout, Tony Kettlewell, was informed by Philip Holiday (one of Botha’s team and a former 135lbs world champion himself) prior to the fight about the alleged bribe and that Botha had turned it down.

To quote the article:

“Philip just said he (Botha) was offered so much money to throw the fight and he refused to,” Kettlewell told AAP.

“He didn’t say how much money.

“He said (Botha said) ‘no way in the world I’m going to lay down. I’m here to fight’.”

As I’ve said multiple times on here it’s hard to know exactly who is telling the truth; was the bout scheduled for 12 or 10 rounds, who knew how long it was scheduled for, who agreed to the change, did Botha take a drug test, did Botha fail a drug test, was he offered a bribe?
But if the bribe story was merely something Botha concocted after the event, then why did Philip Holiday tell the ref first? And why concoct the story and tell the ref before the bout if it never happened? When the bribe was merely something Botha mentioned after the bout then the obvious position to take is that he made it up to further muddy the waters after a contentious loss… but now that it was mentioned before… well.
Something is rotten here…

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