R.I.P. Ramon Dekkers 4 September 1969 – 27 February 2013

I’ve just heard the sad news that Thai Boxer/Kickboxer Ramon Dekkers has tragically passed away following a heart attack at age 43.


I can’t claim to be the world’s biggest Muay Thai fan and my position has always been of an interested but only semi-informed observer. There will be others far better placed to wax lyrical about Dekkers’ talent and skill.

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Khan vs Diaz: Some out-of-the-ring considerations…

I dealt with the boxing side of things relating to the announced Amir Khan vs Julio Diaz bout in an earlier post but it strikes me there are some business aspects to look at as well.


The key detail that has been released is that the bout will be held at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield. On paper there’s little surprising about that. Khan is a British fighter and his hometown of Bolton isn’t a vast distance from Sheffield. More, over recent years Sheffield has become a decent boxing city with potential future Khan opponent Kell Brook having had his recent UK bouts there.

What is perhaps surprising is that it doesn’t appear to follow the promotional strategy that Khan has held to in the last few years.

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Khan vs Diaz: Analysis

The next opponent for Amir Khan has been announced.


Let me start out by saying that Julio Diaz is a clear improvement on the limited Carlos Molina who Khan comprehensively defeated in his return to action after his brutal loss to Danny Garcia. Yet he, on paper, shouldn’t be a threat to Khan in his British return.

So who is Julio Diaz?

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British Boxing Upsets

British boxing has a long history of the underdog coming good. David Price may have seen his dreams of a fast track world title shot go up in smoke following a single punch from Tony Thompson but he’s not the only man earmarked for success to see his dreams at least postponed…price

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Yet more Botha/Sonny Bill Williams tomfoolery…

Even I thought that the “bribe” story would be the end of this… but no, there’s more.

It looks like the tale Botha told about being offered a bribe to lose his controversial bout with Sonny Bill Williams may actually have some legs to it. Newspaper reports are saying that the referee for the bout, Tony Kettlewell, was informed by Philip Holiday (one of Botha’s team and a former 135lbs world champion himself) prior to the fight about the alleged bribe and that Botha had turned it down.

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British Boxing bits and pieces

Just seen a tweet from Steve Lillis (boxing journalist and BoxNation analyst) saying that Kenny Anderson has dropped his British 168lbs Title with Paul Smith and Tony Dodson to fight over the belt, with purse bids coming.

In other news Doncaster based European champ Jamie McDonnell will take on dangerous Mexican power-puncher Julio Ceja for the vacant IBF Bantemweight belt.

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Joan Guzman: A Talent Wasted?

Can a boxer who is 33-1 and held titles in two weightclasses be considered a waste of talent?

The recent news that the “Khanqueror” Breidis Prescott will be taking on Khabib Allakhverdiev (and even in the world of terrible boxing nicknames “Khanqueror” stands out as one of the worst) made me think for a moment of the man Allakhverdiev beat to win the WBA 140lbs belt he now defends.


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More Botha/Sonny Bill Williams news and further boxing buffoonery…

If the you thought the farcical stories surrounding the Sonny Bill Williams/Frans Botha bout detailed in a previous post were done then then I’m afraid to say you were wrong. Botha, as bellicose and unrepentant as ever, is now saying that he was offered $150,000 to throw the bout.

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