Tye Fields vs Mariusz Wach

I have a massive soft-spot for Tye Fields. He’s a big lumbering beast of a man who, despite over 50 fights and a decade in the pro ranks, still has yet to show any technical boxing talent.

What he does show is a remarkable chill or be chilled factor… in the vast majority of cases he will either knock out his opponent or be knocked out himself… and virtually every time he faces an opponent with a pulse it’s the second that comes into play.

Watch the end of the action in his bout with current HW prospect/contender Mariusz Wach.



What boxers do you follow?

Boxing is far too often a sport for bandwagons and main events. We virtually all tune in to see the Manny Pacquiao’s or the Floyd Mayweather’s of the world. Regardless of whether we’re really fans of the fighters involved the mere fact that their fights are large scale events draws eyeballs. We often tune in to see people with momentum on their side regardless of whether we are fans or not. Sometimes its veterans finally getting their time in the spotlight such as Sergio Martinez, sometimes its hyped prospects who we want to see develop like Kirkland. Sometimes it’s just because we want to see what the hell everyone else is finding so interest like Saul Alvarez. Sometimes we tune in because we think a fight will be great to watch, regardless of whether we like the fighters involved. I’m not a fan of Vasquez or Marquez but I watched all four of their fights because I thought they’d be classics (and 3 were). This isn’t about those fighters or those fights. This is about the boxers who are the equivalent of your favourite sports team. It doesn’t matter how badly they do, it doesn’t matter how boring their fights are, it doesn’t matter whether they’re battling it out under the shining lights or in the dimmest of bingo halls and it doesn’t matter if no-one knows who the hell they are. That doesn’t mean they can’t be champions. It doesn’t mean they can’t be scrubs. To pre-empt a name I think may well be suggested it’s about the Emmanuel Augustus’s of this world. It doesn’t mean they still have to box.

It just means you need to follow them

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A worrying trend in British Boxing…

As a UK boxing fan, I am in a pretty privileged position; between the various different broadcasters I have the ability to watch almost every meaningful card from either the US or Europe as well as our own domestic events, to say nothing for the opportunity the internet has provided for me to watch obscure cards that are not officially televised over here. Partly because of this it is remarkably easy to become self-righteous about the nature of events in different countries, notably regarding the judging and refereeing. It almost goes without saying that when a fighter goes to Germany they’ll hype the fight by mentioning that “I know I have to knock him out to win“, as the perception (fuelled it must be said by a considerable body of evidence) is that the German-based fighter supported by the promoter who organised the show will always win if it goes to the judges. The US has had a number of controversial decisions in recent times (the most notable one in the near-past being Campillo/Cloud) and it’s been all to easy to sit on a high-horse as a British boxing fan and say that yes, we do occasionally have poor reffing and poor decisions but on the whole we’re pretty much a fair bunch, certainly better than those we mock.
But I’m not so sure that’s the case anymore.